• Photo of Marc Dryer

    Unidentified. Unresolved.

    INTRO: You’re listening to “Unidentified. Unresolved.”   In 2010, Marc Dryer used an innovative digital technique to reconstruct a face from a skull, which was found in a field east of Toronto.   The local police released the 3D facial reconstruction to the media. They hoped to generate tips or leads to learn who the woman

  • Image of Daniel Szoller and Heather Hundt

    Artisanal cheese and happiness

    Daniel Szoller walks down a wide hallway that runs through the centre of Monforte Dairy. He stops at a pair of double doors that open onto a cavernous room. The white walls soar to a ceiling hung with searingly bright lights. “This is the make room,” says Szoller. Three people work in the huge space.