• Photo of Marc Dryer

    Unidentified. Unresolved.

    INTRO: You’re listening to “Unidentified. Unresolved.”   In 2010, Marc Dryer used an innovative digital technique to reconstruct a face from a skull, which was found in a field east of Toronto.   The local police released the 3D facial reconstruction to the media. They hoped to generate tips or leads to learn who the woman

  • Photo of bruised and bandaged man

    Dutch Head Injury

    INTRO: On holiday with his family in Rotterdam, Adam Ptolemy borrowed his sister-in-law’s bike to make a quick trip to the grocery store. In this story, Adam tells how this ordinary errand very nearly had catastrophic results. Dutch Head Injury written and recorded in fulfillment of course requirements for MJCOM 9601 Audio Storytelling Winter 2018

  • Photo of men looking into a car trunk

    The Reverse Sting

    The Reverse Sting Part One—The Opportunity In 1991, the RCMP’s Mississauga drug squad conducted a reverse sting. The reverse sting resulted in the arrest and conviction of two men, and the seizure of vehicles, a weapon and $270,000 in cash. The problem was that in 1991 the reverse sting was illegal. Part Two—The Set-up A