• Revolutionary new simulator preps doctors for the O.R.

    A trainee clicks and drags a mouse to push and pull a virtual probe. She positions the probe at one of the “standard” positions from an onscreen menu. She manipulates the probe to try to obtain another view of the virtual heart and checks her results. The trainee continues to manipulate the probe to navigate

  • Visualizing the invisible

    How do you explain something you can’t see? “The inner ear is one of the toughest topics to teach because it is anatomically very complex, very small and buried in the dense petrous bone,” says Professor Emerita Pat Stewart. So Andrea Zariwny, a biomedical communications graduate student, tackled this teaching problem with an augmented reality

  • Image by Kate Campbell/WWF Canada

    Research, Renderings and Rainforest

    On the west coast of British Columbia, the vast and ancient Great Bear Rainforest meets the cold-water seas that teem with seabirds, sea lions and humpback whales. Wild rivers, rich with salmon, weave from the sea through the rainforest floor and bring life to thousands of plant and animal species including the grizzlies, black bears