Photo of men looking into a car trunk

The Reverse Sting

Part One—The Opportunity

In 1991, the RCMP’s Mississauga drug squad conducted a reverse sting. The reverse sting resulted in the arrest and conviction of two men, and the seizure of vehicles, a weapon and $270,000 in cash. The problem was that in 1991 the reverse sting was illegal.

Part Two—The Set-up

A member of the Mississauga Drug Squad meets with a federal Department of Justice lawyer to discuss the consequences of a reverse sting.

Part Three—The Operation

RCMP undercover agents stage the sale of one tonne of hashish to senior executives in a drug-trafficking organization and the operation stays on script until one of the buyers helps himself to a sample.

Part Four—The Dance

Follow the Campbell and Shirose case as it moves through convictions to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.